GT Ltd is a shop selling work by Gavin Turk and other selected artists. Offering limited editions, publications and t-shirts.

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Tea Stain

£380.00 + vat

Gold Triple Pop

£1,000.00 + vat

Prinz Charles

£500.00 + vat


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This Is Not A Book About Gavin Turk (Signe...


Monograph (Signed Copy)


Monograph - Limited Boxed Edition


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Black Gold T-shirt by Gavin Turk

£30.00 + vat

Egg T-shirt (White) by Gavin Turk

£17.00 + vat

Stop & Go T-shirt by Gavin Turk

£17.00 + vat

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Wink and a Kiss by Matt Brown

£150.00 + vat

Smile New Roman by Matt Brown

£150.00 + vat

Moths by Jimp

£100.00 + vat