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Fish City

These design classics are symbolic evidence of not only takeaway fish and chips, but the complex history of class and our tarnished empire. Innocuous paraphernalia such as these wooden chip forks are a commonplace sight, discarded on the streets of the UK: a mass-produced cliché of British Culture seen through the lens of a tourist. This humble discarded tool has been picked up from the gutter and given a grandiose makeover: elevated to a painted bronze artwork. Thus the utensil is bestowed with value, poetry and narrative significance just in time for the 71st anniversary of Herman Melville’s modernist classic Moby Dick and the coming of spring.

This series of bronze sculptures in the shape of chip forks are painted with oil paint, trompe l’oeil on one side to give the appearance of wood and named after a series of classic British Fish and Chip shops. A light hearted talisman for our troubling times.Act now to secure your first choice.

1 x 15 x 90 mm
Each made individually are stamp signed and hand titled on the bottom.

£1,000.00 + vat