Gavin Turk: New Art Up-Close 2

Gavin Turk is the subject of the second title in the New Art Up-Close Series.

The book illustrates 25 carefully selected artworks, from his seminal blue-plaque work, 'Cave', through his many signature-based artworks, egg sculptures, and waxworks - including 'Pop', one of the truly iconic works of recent British art - to his bronze casts of sleeping bags and bin bags. 

The interview with Turk focuses on the ideas behind his work: the nature of art itself, his use of popular celebrity and political imagery, and why it is that he makes art at all.

The book also includes a short biography and further reading list, as well as notes explaining the contexts and layered art-historical references within each featured work.

Text by David Barrett
Published by Royal Jelly Factory, 2004
Designed by Graphic Thought Facility
Paperback 48 pages (32 colour)
A6: 148.5 x 105 mm
ISBN 978-0-9546365-1-7