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A series of bronze sculptures in the shape of chip forks painted in trompe l’oeil on one side to give the appearance of wood, Nautilus re-cycles the cliché of traditional British fish and chip culture and turns it into art, transforming the ephemeral and disposable into something lasting and solid. Aesthetically interesting sculptural forms in their own right, wooden chip forks also represent a certain kind of decadence – wasteful not only as disposable objects but also in terms of material discarded in the course of re-producing a pattern not easily repeated. Like Turk’s bronze chip trays and polystyrene cups, the individually named chip forks of Oh My Cod appear like artefacts from a lost British civilisation, dug up by archaeologists to be displayed in a museum- not least because chip forks in their wooden form have largely been superseded by the plastic variety.

A bronze cast of a wooden chip fork painted to look real.
1 x 15 x 94 mm
Each made individually are stamp signed, titled and dated on the bottom.

£1,000.00 + vat