Tyre Print



Tyre Print continues in the same vein as Turk’s auto-graphed, auto-related readymades which operate as literal puns on the London Art Car Boot sales for which the works were originally created. Tyre Print join signed car boots and tyres, GT car stickers and boot prints as variations on the theme of ways in which the artist might leave his mark, while absenting himself from the scene. Like many of Turk’s artworks, they also elevate the ordinary to art while de-mystifying art to the level of “ordinary”. Tyre Print, in particular, suggests the irreverence of driving over something versus the violence of being driven over – whilst also referring to Turk’s recurring interest in the archetypal white van man.

Screen ink on paper
450 x 1000 mm
Un-numbered edition of 200
(Actual Tyre Print will vary from illustration)

Unframed only


£330.00 + vat